Friday, July 30, 2010

favorite things friday

i'm tryin real hard to not make all my fav. things food, but i couldn't resist. it's a rarity when i go here. turns out they have food that's actually good. well i know they have at least one really good thing. it hails from starbucks. it's breakfast food, but served all day. (booyah) and o m g it's healthyish.


whole wheat english muffin
egg whites
cheese (healthyish)
turkey bacon

so yummy

my other favorite thing about starbucks is their FREE large ice water that is NOT tap water. win.


in other news, Dillards is having a sale until tomorrow (saturday) which is 40% off already on sale items. i hear there are lots of baby clothes and shoes... just sayin.

have a happy hopefully rainy weekend!


Ty and Dani Porter said...

No joke... I get the reduced fat turkey bacon with a venti ice water, extra ice like 4 times a week!!! Haha love it. And I am loving this book I got, thanks for telling me about it!

brentandjoey said...

hey! found your blog of Candice's. and that's so exciting your having a girl! I do remember you thinking that in the beginning..that'll be fun for you and your sis to have girls together! congrats.

brentandjoey said...

by the blog is private so if you want me to add you just email me your email and i'll have you added to my list.