Monday, December 28, 2009

dough on the rise

this is what happens when you open up gifts and leave dough unattended.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

post christmas card

christmas pix seem lame with out babies. but our wedding pix were the last "pro" ones. so a little late, but that's how we do. hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.

julie ellsworth took our pics. love her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

oh the little things

believe it or not i don't like candy. the only exception are peppermint tootsie pops. last holiday season, i obsessively searched for peppermint tootsie pops. walgreens, walmart, target, fry's, bashas'. no store went unsearched. NO PEPPERMINT TOOTSIE POPS. defeated. christmas wasn't the same. today, i thought i'd take a peek in the candy section just to make sure that they really were gone. low and behold the world's best sucker was on the bottom shelf shining brightly for me to see. i shouted for joy. literally. threw the bag in my mom's face, and we jumped up and down for like 30 seconds. my christmas season is getting better by each sucker. on a (gay) note, while decorating my house with christmas cheer, i thought i'd crack my wedding ring. how is that even possible. luckily it's just a small crack, but don't look at it too close.

get 'em while they last! (target, best store in the world.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

we get it. they're supposed to look pale.

k.stew must have taken acting classes before this movie/why was edward wearing old man clothes?/i swear rosalie's wig was wiggling while she was talking/i cried/both times i saw it. :)
last but not least:
jasper's hair. 'nuff said.

Monday, November 16, 2009

private people

if you look at my blog and have a private blog, can you send me your email? it seems like everyone is going private and im not apart of the party. and i like to be apart of parties. spanks.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i'm so sick of twilight.

a week to go. it doesn't count that i did a literal fist punch in the air from excitement. i seriously want to see it, just so i can stop talking about how i can't wait to see it. things im looking forward to: better make-up (fingers crossed) / no tree climbing / no spider monkey.
things i'm not looking forward to: kristen stewart. (woof)

p.s. these pics took way too long to make.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

share the love

i'm in desperate need for new music on my pod. leave a comment of your fav albums or fav songs. thanks much.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

new cd

the new muse cd came out. yay! listen to this song, it sounds alot like depeche mode. if it doesn't make your body move, i don't know what will.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i shouldn't be allowed out of my house

so i LOVE to get into stories when i tell them. i use my hands, get real loud and excited. i'm explaining to dave how my two little nephews were just pounding on each other in the back seat of the car,thinking they're so funny. so i'm telling dave this story, wind my arm all the way back, and say "and jake punched cole THIS HARD!" i punch the air to the side of me with all force, and my fist happens to land smack into an old man's arm. he screamed. loud. kill me. he managed to sit super close to me in a matter of seconds without my knowledge. "sorry, i was trying to tell a story about my nephews!!" (ramble ramble ramble) he says, "oh, i thought you did that because you were saving these seats" (?????) could you imagine someone punching you and then say, "hey buddy, these seats are saved." i tried to laugh the awkwardness away, without success. have you ever sat at in-n-out? you sit pretty much shoulder to shoulder to the next person. that's the last time i'm getting animated telling a story. at least in cramped place like in-n-out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

finally, a good book.

The Hunger Games Pictures, Images and Photos
don't ask what it's about, just read it. you won't be disappointed.

the second book just came out, so pick up both while you're at it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

i want to be there

so jenny posted this on her facebook and i had to spread the love. all i know is that i want to be in that crowd so bad!
i couldn't make it into a link so copy and paste it to your search thingy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what? i have a blog?

haven't blogged since may, which goes to show the madness of my life. lots of things have changed for us in these few short months. short story long, we had to move out of our house, (lame). we moved into a friends house (the woods) until we could find a place to rent. we must have worn out our welcome real fast, because they moved out two weeks later. b.j. actually had scored a job in utah, so i don't think it was completely us. so we now have a house to rent. we somehow acquired a dog in the midst of everything. (bj left his dog when he went to utah) i've fallen in love with him completely. it's strange how you can attach to something so quickly. but having 3 dogs is creepy, costly, and he needs more attention than i can offer. so tomorrow rocky boy will go to a new home. (literal tears). dave, like too many others, has had to make a career change, going back to sqaure one. school. paint jobs are non-existent and have been for almost a whole year. so through lots of stress and tears, it's seems the best route. brittney, my darling sis in law, moved in with us, which is totally awesome seeing as how we are the same age. she's like the roomy i never had. aj (dave's brother) lived with us for about a month until recently. he reported to brazil for his mission. i have a hard time with change. a really hard time. so for the cherry on top, dave had to shave his beard for job interviews. i literally feel like i'm married to a different person. i'm ready to be turned right side up and for my life to be still, just for a few minutes. i also colored my hair dark for the first time. i thought since everything else is changing, why not my hair. side thought- can i tell you how comforting and rewarding it is to go the temple. through all the static going on in this world, it's the only place i can really feel at peace. the end.
Photobucketcutest dog in townPhotobucket

Photobucket thumbs up for AJ leavin on his mission

Photobucket farewell party for AJ
Photobucket thinkin im sweet

Thursday, May 28, 2009

just a night at grandma's

katie- "cute bonnets"
girls- "thanks, they're grandpa's"
my dad just had surgery, thus the diapers. he's not usually incontinent. we had a good laugh.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

momma day

for mommy day, jenny and me tag teamed my mom's hair and i gussied her up with some makeup. paris applied the hairspray. what a fox.

Monday, April 27, 2009

my worst nightmare came true

you know that dream you have when it's your first day of school, and your naked? well it happened. ok i wasn't all the way naked(sure felt like it), and it was a gym, not school. so i "RE" started weight watchers (totally recommend), and i made a goal to join a gym. after a 2 months of deciding which gym i wanted to join (slacker), i settled on 24 hour fitness. costco sells a 2 year membership that averages to about $12 a month. it was too good of a deal to pass up. so today was my big "first day". i was coming from work, so i brought my gym bag with all the necessities (baggy shirt and long shorts). after making a "meat market" joke to the desk guy who was clearly gay (realized it after he didn't laugh at the joke), and walking the totally wrong way to the bathroom, in front of the mirrors where everyone is staring(i was so red), i finally made it. i went into the bathroom to change, and low and behold, my baggy,comfy shorts aren't in the bag. of course they aren't.. i thought i'd take them out like an idiot and use them at the pool the day before. i seriously almost started crying. i drive all this way to work out, and i have no shorts. there was no way in heck i'm letting shorts defeat me. just so happens i packed my WHITE,SEE THROUGH,TOO SHORT,SKIN HUGGING, spandex which i NEVER use, but my black ones were lost.(of course) long story long, i walked my little dimply butt to the very back corner treadmill, with my head tucked between my legs, where no one could see me from behind. so i ran on the treadmill wearing my DEATHLY TIGHT, SEE THROUGH, BUM HUGGING spandex on the treadmill. watching a 40lb overweight chick running on the treadmill with those was probably a sight to see. it probably didn't help that i was laughing the whole time i ran. not just laughing, BELLY laughing. if you know me, it's loud, like a witch.totally blew my cover. im packing two outfits from now on. big, oversized, comfy shorts.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

short hair = running faster

my nephews got big boy hair cuts so they can run faster :) the pics are too cute not to post.
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the az tram light rail train subway thingy

we totally rode the rail. totally awesome. turns out phoenix is bumpin at night. we chose not to go clubbin. we had a 4 year old (brooklyn) with us and a pregnant (lindsey) gal. (we actually never have been clubbin, but the bumpin music was tempting) jk. the ride to phoenix was too sweet. so we're sitting in the train along with like 2 other people. old man river decides that the seat next to very pregnant lindsey (where her purse was) is the only seat he is sitting in. so he decided to scoot lindsey's purse over, and "shimmy" into the seat. he had to litterally wedge himself to fit between her and the pole. not to mention he had 5 cigars in his pocket and a beating stick in his backpack. did i mention there was 35 to 50 seats for him to lounge in? well the pics will make you feel like you were there. haven't laughed that hard for a while. i totally was laughing right in front of him, didn't even care. poor lindsey. and yes the man has a foopa.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lame MClamerson

So we have no internet at our house.(no cable or phone either) Turns out when you don't pay the bill, they shut it off, and cancel your service.What's even more awesome, is when you don't call COX and say, "hey go ahead and cancel our service, even though you already sent us a letter saying you cancelled it", you still get charged for 3 months of service. So the stubborn SOB's we are, wont pay it. Which means no internet, (or cable) since november 19th. (Yes im suprised im still alive as well.) So that's why my blog sucks so hard. But I think my pride has carried on long enough, so hopefully we'll be up and running in no time. Pay the $400 of internet and cable that we shouldn't owe. No more blogging from my iphone which takes 45 min for a 10 line post. No more bumming off my mom's dvr for my shows. No more sucky blog.

Friday, January 16, 2009

little behind


We had our 2nd anniversary on the 11th. (woo hoo!) We tried goin to the Grand Canyon but didn't go (lack of planning on my part). So we did the regular anniversary stuff. We went to Ruth's Chris for dinner. I've waited 2 years to go, and it took that long to save money to go :). So it was pretty sweet. The highlight for me was when they sprinkled little Happy Anniversary's all over the table. O and we stayed in a hotel that had a private jacuzzi for your room. (totally recommend it). But the absolute highlight of our anniversary weekend was they accidentally gave our room away, so dave and I slept on separate twin beds. Happy Anniversary!