Tuesday, June 29, 2010

gettin our eclipse on

heard this is the best of the three. lets hope so.

me and eddie holdin hands

jacob get your hand off her baby bump!

Monday, June 28, 2010


had my ultra sound today. so it's an 85% chance that my little lemon will be wearing these this winter..

they said they couldn't get a "money shot", so i go back in a week.

if this news is true, i'm super pumped. super super pumped. and if next week it turns out that it's a girl, i'll be excited for that too.
all i know is my baby better have its game face on for "his" money shot.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

favorite things fri-tur-day??

yes it's saturday. this post is going to get a little fruity. :) my fav thing this week was made known to me by miss alli. it's my new favorite apple!! if you are content with eating red delicious, then don't read the rest of this. i'm an apple snob. i like 'em just right. if you are apple savvy, this apple tastes some what in between of a fugi and pink lady. it's called a JAZZ. it is a little smaller than a typical apple, which i like. i always get half way through big apples, and can't finish them. these apples are tricky to find, BUT i have spotted them at sprouts! woo hoo! some of my other top fav's while we are on the subject, are pink lady/honey crisp/and pinova. pinova came into my life one time, and i've never found them again...


speaking of fruit.. my little blueberry has grown into a precious lemon. how on earth can this little breathing, tinkling, swallowing, thing with fingernails be so cute and small? and how in 10 short weeks did she/he grow from a poppy seed to a plump lemon?? i honestly don't know how a human can create such an amazing thing, and not believe in God. it's truly miraculous. my sister jenny is also creating a child in her belly, and just found out that it's a girl. yay! well i'm 15 weeks on sunday, and i can't wait another second to find out what what i'm having. so monday i'm going to a place that will ultrasound you at 15 weeks, purely to find the gender out. boo yah! so we'll see if this little girl really is a girl.

my little snuggle buggle wuggle

Friday, June 18, 2010

favorite things friday

ahhh where did the week go??1?!

this is no ordinary water bottle. my sister found this little gem at bed bath and beyond. i'm picky with water bottles, because the ones that come with straws always taste like plastic. and i don't like bottles that you have to unscrew the cap. (almost all the metal kinds) this one has a simple button that you push. and this sounds so lame, but it has excellent water flow. did i mention it has the capacity to hold 32 oz.? bring your 20 percent coupon, and the bottle is around $11. yay for water drinking..


Friday, June 11, 2010

favorite things friday

sorry i've been slacking... i've had my schedule all booked up with mr. dry heave and his biatch wife mrs. stomach bile.

so i've been taking lots and lots of baths. baths somehow help the nausea or my sanity, or both. so fav things friday is all about none other but my favorite bath soak. i've had to learn to love a new brand. my old favorite brand was calgon (that's what my grandma used, so i used it) and calgon's slogan was "calgon, take me away". so everytime i would use it, i would sing "calgon, take me away!!" in the rendition of dixie chicks "cowboy take me away". but they either stopped making it, or i just am shoppin at the wrong store. but the new kind i like is vaseline brand. i still sting my calgon song, and pretend it's the same. did i mention it's like only 2 or 3 bones? that's a steal if ya ask me...

bath soak

p.s. i'm debating whether or not to take the test to see if my baby has downs syndrome. yay or nay? i've heard people all about it, and others say it's not accurate.

off to the mountains!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i know i know

yes this post is about eclipse. (i have to sound out e c l i p s e every time i type it) i don't know if i get more excited for the soundtrack or movie, but the sountrack is out. i sampled the music on itunes. it's gonna be a goody. muse, metric, sia, band of horses. just thought i'd get that off my chest.

p.s. i want to meet who thought this song was good, so i can face punch them. (it's from the new moon soundtrack)....? click here for worst song ever