Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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our night of fun
we went to dave and busters, and i got the bonus on the wheel of fortune first token first button pushed. too sweet.
flashing with my well earned toys
we have a 16 passenger van (dave's paint van) which comes in handy on the weekends.
there are 5 rows of people if you can't countPhotobucket

hammon' around.

the hammonds came to visit from oregon (optometry school) and stayed with us. it was lots of fun getting to hang and seeing their darling baby lyla. we can't wait till they move back to azPhotobucket

lyla givin the stink eye to dave
could she get any cuter?Photobucket

last post for tonight i swear

we've had a busy month! enjoy the pics!.Photobucket
jacque bret dave and i went to dinner, and dave was drinking so many diet cokes, that the last cup she brought out had the world's tiniest straw.(obviously wanting dave to slow down.) WE GOT THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR DEVIL WAITRESS!! (seriously though dave has a drinking problem)Photobucket

Friday, August 15, 2008


So sometimes our dogs get to go for rides with us. So Kodi,Lindsey, dave and i and the doggins hopped in the car. Captain Cash likes to stand on the console between me and dave and be captain. Well while dave is telling to kodi and lindsey how well mannered our dogs are in the car, Dave stops and says KATIE PULL OVER! Well we're between construction signs on both sides, so it was a good mile before we could stop. I asked dave what was wrong and he was silent. Turns out cash puked like 2 pounds of food right into daves lap. For those who don't know dave, he has the weakest stomache of any one around. Once i looked over i started gagging. But at daves expense, i can't remember a time where i've laughed harder. My laugh was hitting octaves i didn't know possible. We finally got to pull over and dave jumped out, but we had no napkins. So dave wrapped himself in a paint tarp and we drove home. i was so thirsty so i asked if we still could go to QT and i got the best death look ever. So no qt but a good picture came out of it! (this pic is after the puked was wiped off so the pics dont serve full justice)Photobucket