Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what? i have a blog?

haven't blogged since may, which goes to show the madness of my life. lots of things have changed for us in these few short months. short story long, we had to move out of our house, (lame). we moved into a friends house (the woods) until we could find a place to rent. we must have worn out our welcome real fast, because they moved out two weeks later. b.j. actually had scored a job in utah, so i don't think it was completely us. so we now have a house to rent. we somehow acquired a dog in the midst of everything. (bj left his dog when he went to utah) i've fallen in love with him completely. it's strange how you can attach to something so quickly. but having 3 dogs is creepy, costly, and he needs more attention than i can offer. so tomorrow rocky boy will go to a new home. (literal tears). dave, like too many others, has had to make a career change, going back to sqaure one. school. paint jobs are non-existent and have been for almost a whole year. so through lots of stress and tears, it's seems the best route. brittney, my darling sis in law, moved in with us, which is totally awesome seeing as how we are the same age. she's like the roomy i never had. aj (dave's brother) lived with us for about a month until recently. he reported to brazil for his mission. i have a hard time with change. a really hard time. so for the cherry on top, dave had to shave his beard for job interviews. i literally feel like i'm married to a different person. i'm ready to be turned right side up and for my life to be still, just for a few minutes. i also colored my hair dark for the first time. i thought since everything else is changing, why not my hair. side thought- can i tell you how comforting and rewarding it is to go the temple. through all the static going on in this world, it's the only place i can really feel at peace. the end.
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Photobucket thumbs up for AJ leavin on his mission

Photobucket farewell party for AJ
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