Friday, April 30, 2010

me! me! me!

i wanna win! you better enter, bc it's a good give away. go here.

fav. things friday

so i had to restrain, and do something that wasn't food related today..even though paradise bakery came out with something so great for summer (and it's not the berry salad) all i have to say is try the black cherry one. alright moving along. this item hails from the best store ever. target. it's a "limited edition" (even though it's been there for over a year) febreze candle. "winds and springtime" is the scent. beware: this candle is extremely strong. for reals only burn it in an open room. i'm a bath&body works candle kind of girl, but this one is so glorious. don't worry, it's not flowery. i can't really explain the smell except that your house smells really fresh when it burns. when u smell the candle in the box, it doesn't smell as good as it burns.
ftf candle

do you know what's not my favorite thing this week? the scale. i think casanova bros did me in.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite things Friday

so this week's f-t-f has two parts, because i couldn't have found one without the other. let me divulge. part one of my favorite things is an iphone app. now i realize not everyone has an iphone* (don't waste your money), so that's why there are two fav. things. so the app is called "urbanspoon". (free) you enter what city, type of food, and your price range, shake your phone, and viola! i found my new favorite pizza place. CASANOVA BROS PIZZA. The owners (brothers) are from NY, and their names are Tony and Mike (of course). they make a point to ask you your name, which makes anyone feel cool. OH and did i mention the pizza off the chains? i have a love/hate relationship with pizza. love the way it tastes, hate what it does to my womanly figure. well this pizza is the worth the splurge. i would recommend going on a week day or lunch time, because the weekend crowds are CRAZAY! the lunch special for a slice, drink, and salad is around $6. (that's cheap) it's a relaxed, almost "take-out" atmosphere, so don't wear your prom dress. it's on val vista and guadalupe, next to stein mart. go. you'll love it.

casanova bros
casanova bros
casanova bros

do you know what's not my favorite thing this week? having to renew my costco membership. boo.

*(i actually love my iphone, but i don't like to boast. i don't like when people brag about stupid iphones. i'm a mac, and a pc,no discrimination here. i got it for $99 refurbished. booyah.)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night, go to the bathroom, lay back down, and boom. wide awake. well of course i start thinking of blogs, and i came up with an idea. my idea was derived from niki, a fellow blogger. she has a "watcha wearin wednesday", i hop on every wednesday to see what she's wearin! well when i find something i like, whether it be a restaurant, piece of clothing, or a simple house cleaning item, my sisters or mom will know it within minutes. so why not blog about my favorite things?!? (i have lots) sometimes they are my favorite, simply because of how cheap it was. (ever since the economy let a huge toot in our faces) seriously, i have a hard time buying ketchup unless it's on sale. ramble, ramble. so anyways, here is my first favorite. i quit drinking diet coke (sigh), and now water is my new best friend. it's been about a month, and i needed some "fizzies" in my belly, so i came up with this.
crystal light "raspberry lemonade" La Croix "cran-raspberry" (sold at target)
That can of goodness might look like soda, but is actually sparkling water with a touch of "natural cran-raspberry flavor". well it needed a little kick, so crystal light filled the role. mix these two together, but only use about 3/4 of the crystal light package. heaven. in. a. cup. i now have my "fizzie fix"

do you know what's not my favorite thing this week? fruit flies. they fly so slow, and i still can't catch em.