Saturday, December 6, 2008

Charlie Brown

Our christmas tree.

Joke. We gave it to Dave's parents as an early gift, and they are using it for their tree this year. They are too sweet. Dec. 27, 2006 I purchased a 9ft. tree originally priced at $350 for 60 bones. (paddock pools) Dave and I were a few weeks away from marriage, and he said, "just get one next x-mas, and keep the money for the honeymoon." (disneyworld) I said, "sheeya right!", next christmas we'll be dirt poor and won't be able to afford a tree." Foreshadowing fulfilled. Two Christmas's in a row. Turns out we have the hardest tree in town. Nothing will be put under it this year. Presents would take away the beauty of the tree, and also take away money that doesn't exist. The only one getting a gift this year is my desert schools credit card. Happy Holidays you suckers.