Sunday, January 31, 2010

gift from heaven

my sister amy popped this darling sack of sugar out jan 29 5:32 am
first birthing i've witnessed. turns out a baby can actually fall out with no pushing. seriously. her baby fell out without a doctor in the room. very scary, but everything turned out ok. what a beautiful gift to be able to create something so precious.
welcome to the world little lyla ann, we are happy you are safe and sound.

this is my "could she get any cuter" face.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an eh vur suh ree

yesterday was our check point of 3 years of marriage. it feels like we've been married for way longer. (in a good way) as tard as this may sound, after being married for a while, it's hard to remember my life w/o dave in it. i'm happy to have him forever and ever.
[look how funny we think we are]

the yummy din we ate (i only was allowed one pic, cause dave got embarrassed of me taking pics with my big/as/frick camera.)
[learning how to use a timer]
[dave bein creepy]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

blond "ish" ?

ummm this is a joke. they say the color of the blondish powder is the color on the bottle. why deceivest thou? my blondie sis in law, britt, gave me this because her hair is blonde. turns out "blondish" spray isn't for blondes. it's for darker hair. luckily it matches my hair. shame on you bumble n bumble.

Friday, January 1, 2010

[twenty ten]

january 1st : xmas decor down, and organization begins. fourteen boxes packed, four (yes four) closets organized...8.5 hours later. my back is going to snap right off. while finishing off the last closet, a shiny cylinder appeared from a box i haven't opened in forever. "Time Capsule - Do Not Open Until 2010". I almost pee'd my pants. today is friggin january 1st, 2010. i forgot about this little capsule. i made this in 1999. i was 12. i opened it and remembered the exact spot where i was writing. in the lunch area at girls camp.

i'm going to add more things, and see if i can wait another ten years.
p.s. i know how to spell handsome now.