Tuesday, January 12, 2010

an eh vur suh ree

yesterday was our check point of 3 years of marriage. it feels like we've been married for way longer. (in a good way) as tard as this may sound, after being married for a while, it's hard to remember my life w/o dave in it. i'm happy to have him forever and ever.
[look how funny we think we are]

the yummy din we ate (i only was allowed one pic, cause dave got embarrassed of me taking pics with my big/as/frick camera.)
[learning how to use a timer]
[dave bein creepy]


Jules said...

i'm just gonna say it...favorite couple award :) happy anniversary! love the pics. how are you likin the new cam? isnt it amazing!

lindsey said...

Congrats. 3 years is awesome! I am lovin' the hair darker.

Willi Nixon said...

whoooa three years went crazy fast! congrats to the funniest cupple i know

Brian and Brianna said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't imagine anyone better for you than Dave! Crazy how fast time goes by!

Cody and Lexie said...

hey how long has your hair been dark.. you look great!! Congrats on 3 years... that's awesome!!

Leigh said...

Happy Anniversary, my oh-so-beautiful friend!