Monday, April 27, 2009

my worst nightmare came true

you know that dream you have when it's your first day of school, and your naked? well it happened. ok i wasn't all the way naked(sure felt like it), and it was a gym, not school. so i "RE" started weight watchers (totally recommend), and i made a goal to join a gym. after a 2 months of deciding which gym i wanted to join (slacker), i settled on 24 hour fitness. costco sells a 2 year membership that averages to about $12 a month. it was too good of a deal to pass up. so today was my big "first day". i was coming from work, so i brought my gym bag with all the necessities (baggy shirt and long shorts). after making a "meat market" joke to the desk guy who was clearly gay (realized it after he didn't laugh at the joke), and walking the totally wrong way to the bathroom, in front of the mirrors where everyone is staring(i was so red), i finally made it. i went into the bathroom to change, and low and behold, my baggy,comfy shorts aren't in the bag. of course they aren't.. i thought i'd take them out like an idiot and use them at the pool the day before. i seriously almost started crying. i drive all this way to work out, and i have no shorts. there was no way in heck i'm letting shorts defeat me. just so happens i packed my WHITE,SEE THROUGH,TOO SHORT,SKIN HUGGING, spandex which i NEVER use, but my black ones were lost.(of course) long story long, i walked my little dimply butt to the very back corner treadmill, with my head tucked between my legs, where no one could see me from behind. so i ran on the treadmill wearing my DEATHLY TIGHT, SEE THROUGH, BUM HUGGING spandex on the treadmill. watching a 40lb overweight chick running on the treadmill with those was probably a sight to see. it probably didn't help that i was laughing the whole time i ran. not just laughing, BELLY laughing. if you know me, it's loud, like a witch.totally blew my cover. im packing two outfits from now on. big, oversized, comfy shorts.