Saturday, December 6, 2008

Charlie Brown

Our christmas tree.

Joke. We gave it to Dave's parents as an early gift, and they are using it for their tree this year. They are too sweet. Dec. 27, 2006 I purchased a 9ft. tree originally priced at $350 for 60 bones. (paddock pools) Dave and I were a few weeks away from marriage, and he said, "just get one next x-mas, and keep the money for the honeymoon." (disneyworld) I said, "sheeya right!", next christmas we'll be dirt poor and won't be able to afford a tree." Foreshadowing fulfilled. Two Christmas's in a row. Turns out we have the hardest tree in town. Nothing will be put under it this year. Presents would take away the beauty of the tree, and also take away money that doesn't exist. The only one getting a gift this year is my desert schools credit card. Happy Holidays you suckers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

He loves me

If you are a female living on planet earth, im sure you knew that Twilight the movie came out last night at 12am. Well considering I read the book almost 2 years ago I've been a teeny bit excited. My poor husband knows every detail about all 4 books with out ever opening them. :) Needless to say, they aren't his favorite, probably his least. Well I got a ticket a while ago for the 4:15pm showing, to steer clear of the freaks who go at 12am. (totally tried to get one but they were sold out....:)Well last night I got home from fre sheasy (fresh and easy) and my snuggle had tickets for us to go at 12am! Dave had to sit in the theater with screaming hormones, and fags. (sorry, homosexuals) And worst of all, had to sit next to his wife, who was grinning like an idiot behind the blanket the whole time :) If that isn't love, I sure don't know what is. Thanks babe for doing that for me, even though you were probably dying inside.
love you.

P.s. I'm totally still going at 4 today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser Biotch

If anyone watches biggest loser, please read. If you watched last season, do you not remember almost crying every episode, and being so happy for the players losing weight? What were they thinking with the cast this year? I've never felt to much hatred for people on tv. Let me start on who I hate least. The blonde young one. I hate everyone else. Who do i hate the most you ask? I don't call her by her real name which is vicky. In our house she goes by blowfish biotch. (with out the "o") She looks just like a fat blowfish. I hope she dies, she is fat and if I could, I would stab her. NOT EVEN JOKING. thats all I have to say. O and I hate Heba the cow too, but thats a given. DIE BLUE TEAM!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

oregon trip

We went to oregon at the end of october. we visited Trevor and Jordan Hammonds who are livin there. It was a much needed trip to just enjoy life for a bit. I've only been to about 10 states, but oregon is the most beautiful ive been to.
do you see the spider?
you could've taken wedding pics at this rest stop. at least i would've
This is trevors school
waiting in line at Roloff Farms
Smiling like an idiot. totally STARSTRUCK :)
ginormous leaves, EVERYWHERE
my cute little snugglehead
That tree was seriously that bright. i couldn't believe it. i pee'd a little
more leaves
dave taking a picture with amy, (he's in the back :) )
flowers at pikes market in seattle
space needle

Monday, October 13, 2008

this saturday

We are having a yard sale this saturday. If you have anything you would like to donate, let me know! I would be happy to come pick it up from you!! thanks

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


im so done trying to find cutsie, ritsy titsy backgrounds. halloween: black thanksgiving : brown christmas: maybe get crazy and do red AND green.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fun filled weekends

being bored out of your mind, will make anything sound fun. for instance, sewing a couch and putting it on acey's shirt. we had a ball! please note the fine detail in the sewing, and the puff in the pillows!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Babylon A.D. Lame? One might think, considering Vin Diesel is the main character and the title is Babylon A.D. But guess who saw it... these guys! Besides the fact that Vin Diesel does a flip 20 feet into the air on a snowmobile to dodge a heat sensored missile, and the end crammed 3 years into 45 seconds, it was actually entertaining. But don't relay on my reviews, because i saw shoot em up and it was SO hard.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The twlight movie was set to release in december 12th. It has been moved up to november 21st. yee haw
Sad part is harry potter got moved from thanksgiving to next summer...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

plethora of posts

3 new posts comin your way

our night of fun
we went to dave and busters, and i got the bonus on the wheel of fortune first token first button pushed. too sweet.
flashing with my well earned toys
we have a 16 passenger van (dave's paint van) which comes in handy on the weekends.
there are 5 rows of people if you can't countPhotobucket

hammon' around.

the hammonds came to visit from oregon (optometry school) and stayed with us. it was lots of fun getting to hang and seeing their darling baby lyla. we can't wait till they move back to azPhotobucket

lyla givin the stink eye to dave
could she get any cuter?Photobucket

last post for tonight i swear

we've had a busy month! enjoy the pics!.Photobucket
jacque bret dave and i went to dinner, and dave was drinking so many diet cokes, that the last cup she brought out had the world's tiniest straw.(obviously wanting dave to slow down.) WE GOT THE MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR DEVIL WAITRESS!! (seriously though dave has a drinking problem)Photobucket

Friday, August 15, 2008


So sometimes our dogs get to go for rides with us. So Kodi,Lindsey, dave and i and the doggins hopped in the car. Captain Cash likes to stand on the console between me and dave and be captain. Well while dave is telling to kodi and lindsey how well mannered our dogs are in the car, Dave stops and says KATIE PULL OVER! Well we're between construction signs on both sides, so it was a good mile before we could stop. I asked dave what was wrong and he was silent. Turns out cash puked like 2 pounds of food right into daves lap. For those who don't know dave, he has the weakest stomache of any one around. Once i looked over i started gagging. But at daves expense, i can't remember a time where i've laughed harder. My laugh was hitting octaves i didn't know possible. We finally got to pull over and dave jumped out, but we had no napkins. So dave wrapped himself in a paint tarp and we drove home. i was so thirsty so i asked if we still could go to QT and i got the best death look ever. So no qt but a good picture came out of it! (this pic is after the puked was wiped off so the pics dont serve full justice)Photobucket

Friday, July 11, 2008


happy birthday my sweet. Photobucket
^^^^from the first day we met ^^^^
something was different about you. you could kick so high in the air like it was nobodys business, with no one noticing you ripped the whole seam of your shorts. thanks for being the best boo a woman could ask for. thanks for going to disneyland even though i thought you were faking sick, but really you had tonsilitis. i love you madly and have a happy birthday!
-your wifey
cute little sailor
my rockstar

fourth of july

So it turns out, we have very few connections to a pool. So we made our own water activites in a park by our house. The girls sat in baby pools (surprisingly refreshing) while the boys made a slip in slide out of carpet plastic (thx 4 the plastic jeff kirk). we had loads of fun and did a puzzle afterward. but the lamest thing we did all day........... was watching fireworks on t.v. And whats even lamer than that, is that i actually enjoyed them! and the LAMEST part of all is that im blogging about it. o and we saw a bald eagle at the lake the day after. way cool. Photobucket

Friday, July 4, 2008

lots of posts

lots of stuff i blogged it backwards but keep scrolling down for your veiwing pleasure.

love sac attack!!!!!!

i love my dogs, but i almost shot them that day. its the remanants of a love sac that filled up the whole side of our house. i dont know how they did it, but they did. little f heads. and no we aren't awesome and do not own a boat. we just just get to look at it.


so tag and cash (my doggins) love to have play dates with their cousins, olive and scout. they are the best of friends and never stop running around. not kidding. i cannot believe i actually have a pic of all four of them. this was one pic out of like 20 that actually worked. dont mind their creepy eyes.


lots of pics so bare with me. newport beach and disneyland. family vacation. fun.
dave catching a "huge" wave.
boogie boardin fools
the pier, we almost jumped. yeah right but we saw a seal
bike rider jake
broken bike jenny
two cute peoplePhotobucket
typical beach pic
cute faced cole
chad loves to smile
acey jenny mommaPhotobucket
acey doesnt have a child, he just held new baby ellie the whole trip to help out my sis
this is my getting mad because dave wont make a normal face in a one freaking picure. thats why there are very few of him :)Photobucket
there was no where to put sleeping jake at wahoos so he made a perfect table
ONE good picture
o and i guess we didnt take pics a disneyland, but it was very fun. the end