Friday, November 21, 2008

He loves me

If you are a female living on planet earth, im sure you knew that Twilight the movie came out last night at 12am. Well considering I read the book almost 2 years ago I've been a teeny bit excited. My poor husband knows every detail about all 4 books with out ever opening them. :) Needless to say, they aren't his favorite, probably his least. Well I got a ticket a while ago for the 4:15pm showing, to steer clear of the freaks who go at 12am. (totally tried to get one but they were sold out....:)Well last night I got home from fre sheasy (fresh and easy) and my snuggle had tickets for us to go at 12am! Dave had to sit in the theater with screaming hormones, and fags. (sorry, homosexuals) And worst of all, had to sit next to his wife, who was grinning like an idiot behind the blanket the whole time :) If that isn't love, I sure don't know what is. Thanks babe for doing that for me, even though you were probably dying inside.
love you.

P.s. I'm totally still going at 4 today.


Jules said...

aw dave is so sweet! Twilight was amazing and im thinkin we should go see it again when i come home. we can both grin like idiots together :) deal?

Heywood Lovin said...

That is true love! He is so sweet! I love you guys and you were a match made in heaven! (please excuse the corniness)

Brian and Brianna said...

What a sweet sweet man! How cute is that surprise! I can just picture how excited you cute!

angela hardison said...

Katie! I just found your blog through my blog stats that show who links to me...hello! I'll add you to my list. You and Dave are the greatest.

My husband hates the books too and somehow he was convinced to come to the movie with me & some friends. Now he keeps making fun of it, ha.

Leigh said...

Ok, first of all, I'm dying laughing at all the Merrillisms and all the funny nicknames you have for everything! You guys are hilarious. And second, you better keep that boy around! What normal dude goes to Twilight for his wifey? What a stud.

The Jensen Family said...

hahaha this made me smile. i love your comments. and wow that was very sweet of dave! nate wouldn't ever think to be so clever. i had to drag him to go with me and bribe him with some things i shall not say ;) hehe. i loved the movie..i know lots of people didn't, but i did!

ps. too bad they don't have mario galaxy online or we could play it up like our hubs do ALL NIGHT LONG!