Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser Biotch

If anyone watches biggest loser, please read. If you watched last season, do you not remember almost crying every episode, and being so happy for the players losing weight? What were they thinking with the cast this year? I've never felt to much hatred for people on tv. Let me start on who I hate least. The blonde young one. I hate everyone else. Who do i hate the most you ask? I don't call her by her real name which is vicky. In our house she goes by blowfish biotch. (with out the "o") She looks just like a fat blowfish. I hope she dies, she is fat and if I could, I would stab her. NOT EVEN JOKING. thats all I have to say. O and I hate Heba the cow too, but thats a given. DIE BLUE TEAM!!


kayleen said...

i kind of want to punch heba and vicky in their fat faces. you can tell that bob kinda hates vicky. that makes me happy.


haha oh katie you are too funnny! good thing i haven't watched this season! sounds dreadful :/