Sunday, November 9, 2008

oregon trip

We went to oregon at the end of october. we visited Trevor and Jordan Hammonds who are livin there. It was a much needed trip to just enjoy life for a bit. I've only been to about 10 states, but oregon is the most beautiful ive been to.
do you see the spider?
you could've taken wedding pics at this rest stop. at least i would've
This is trevors school
waiting in line at Roloff Farms
Smiling like an idiot. totally STARSTRUCK :)
ginormous leaves, EVERYWHERE
my cute little snugglehead
That tree was seriously that bright. i couldn't believe it. i pee'd a little
more leaves
dave taking a picture with amy, (he's in the back :) )
flowers at pikes market in seattle
space needle


Jules said...

yay a new post! those pics are beautiful! it looks like you had so much fun. just think you went where they filmed twilight!! lucky. love the space needle pic :) miss you!!

Stu and Alyssa said...

It is so beautiful there! I told Stu I wouldn't mind living there one day.... I also love blondereadhead

Heywood Lovin said...

I feel like I haven't seen you in years! I hate it! We live so close and never see each other! I wanna hang out!! Oregon looks so beautiful! I have only ever been to cali and utah. I know I'm so sheltered or something. Love you and miss you!

Brian and Brianna said...

I wish we had beautiful leaves like that! It's gorgeous and I would have taken wedding pics at that rest stop too! What a fun trip for you guys!

Miss Fergie said...

Who is that guy you are star struck over? Love the pics, you always look gorg! I'm jealous of Trevor's school.

Rach said...

cute pics katie ann! miss you like crazy! alli is right we live so close but yet we never see each other...when julie gets home and my bum heals we will go to dinner! love cho