Thursday, December 3, 2009

oh the little things

believe it or not i don't like candy. the only exception are peppermint tootsie pops. last holiday season, i obsessively searched for peppermint tootsie pops. walgreens, walmart, target, fry's, bashas'. no store went unsearched. NO PEPPERMINT TOOTSIE POPS. defeated. christmas wasn't the same. today, i thought i'd take a peek in the candy section just to make sure that they really were gone. low and behold the world's best sucker was on the bottom shelf shining brightly for me to see. i shouted for joy. literally. threw the bag in my mom's face, and we jumped up and down for like 30 seconds. my christmas season is getting better by each sucker. on a (gay) note, while decorating my house with christmas cheer, i thought i'd crack my wedding ring. how is that even possible. luckily it's just a small crack, but don't look at it too close.

get 'em while they last! (target, best store in the world.)


Jensen Family said...

yum!!! i have never even seen such a thing! sorry bout your crack (wedding ring kind ;) ) thats no bueno!!!

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

bum city about your ring :( and it might not be cracked. one time i was convinced mine was cracked...took it to the ring place and they told me i had been so long since i had it cleaned it was dirty enough to look like it was cracked sooo maybe yours just needs a good cleaning.

not that i think your ring looks dirty - i dont want to sound like i'm soo rude.

Calli & Zac said...

I wish wish wish wish that I didn't like candy. It would make my life a lot easier

kayleen said...

those are the only things i request in my stocking. seriously. best sucker.

Elise Bernal Millsaps said...

bleh, hate candy. you cracked your diamond? oh Katlin. Oh and CALL ME BACK YOU BUM!