Thursday, August 19, 2010

favorite things friday

things i have been doing lately: vacationing, feeling my 11 inch baby kick, and reading. i won't bore the non pregnant people with all the awesome prego books, so this favorite things friday is a diff book. i just finished, and it's one of those books where you are sad it's over.. Britt (my darling sis-n-law) recommended this book, and i'm glad she did!

author: Kristen Cashore


it's fiction of course, and set in time of kings and castles. sounds really dumb, but so does vampire love. i'm very picky with books, and can assure you if you like hunger games, you'll love this.

p.s. i love Po. (that's the boy :))


angela hardison said...

i recently read 'fire' - which i think is a prequel to graceling. i loved it. i'll have to read this one too.

Katie Taylor said...

i just started fire, you'll love graceling!

Ty and Dani Porter said...

Read it and loved it! Fire was good too but I like Graceling better. Read THE MAZE RUNNER! So good.

Molly Scarbrough said...

I saw this post and was looking for a new book so I bought Graceling and LOVED LOVED it. thanks!