Thursday, August 19, 2010

trips trips trips

i've been so lucky this summer. beginning of july i was able to go to idaho for a family reunion. i hadn't seen my cousins and family for over 8 years, so it was a much needed trip. we drove all the way there (16 hour drive) girls only, with four small children... we stopped in utah to hang, and not hang ourselves.

farmers market in brigham city

"This is the place" monument
this is the place

stinkin cute baby lyla

ugly sunset

awful pic but these are my cousins

everyone has strawberry patches in idaho. cute!

besides my sisters suburban almost rolling into a ditch, it was a wonderful trip!


ericaj said...

oh how nice! i love idaho. and i'm sure it felt nice being out of the heat too. looks like a fun trip! i love the peach picture.

Alexa Mae said...

you look so pretty! these pics are amazing. i want to be there. i hope you had tons and tons of fun!!