Friday, July 23, 2010

favorite things friday

trips, birthdays, sickness have taken over my past two weeks!! i'll post about those later.
my favorite thing this week has been a favorite of mine for lots of years. it's my favorite lotion. i can't do smells of any sort at the moment, so it's pleasantly "smell free". this is that kind of lotion you use when you feel like your skin just needs a huge drink. it's the perfect lotion to wear to church or when you want to show off your sexy limbs, because it leaves a healthy shine on the skin. it's a little on the greasy side, but i like that. and there you have it, my favorite lotion.


p.s. i find out what im REALLY having (boy or girl) on tuesday. woop woop!


Brian and Brianna said...

I love a good lotion! I am dying to know what you are having!! My feeling is boy :) It will be so fun either way! Let me know when you find out so excited for you!