Monday, July 5, 2010

the fourth

saturday was filled with swimming, potato salad, and family. loads of fun.

turns out we missed the memo that the ENTIRE ward at church was going out of town for the fourth. dave and i walked into our normal door into sacrament (15min late), empty. walked into the next door. empty. the whole ward was nestled into the tiny front part of the chapel. the only seats available? why of course, the 2 front and center rows. when does that EVER happen. we walked the walk of shame to the front. testimony meeting. i had to go up, there was only like 20 people there, and i was closest to the second counselor who kept staring at me. primary there were 8 kids in attendance. the piano player didn't show up. my ward after a solid sneaky year finally found out i can play the piano. how did i feel after bearing my testimony and finally giving in to playing the piano? wonderful. i just hope they remember how many notes i missed, so i can be the "last resort" piano player.

it's become a tradition to make a flag cake for me and jenny, so here is how you make it. (it's so easy it's embarrassing, but i just wanted to show off my cake :))

basic yellow or white cake mix

slice your strawberries like so

frost the cake with the cool whip (homemade whipped cream tastes the best, but i ran outta time)
and align strawberries like stripes!

add blueberries for the stars and voila! a flag cake!

4th cake

p.s. don't ever go to the boob church for fireworks. they were great last year, but this year it was literally sparklers the whole time. huge bummer.

hope everyone had a great fourth!


The Jenkins said...

i love flag cake. so yummy. haha. yeah i dislike it when the only spots left at church are the ones up front, and that fact you know everyone is looking at you. haha.

Alexa Mae said...

yummy yummy! looks good girl. and yes, the triple nipple church is not fun for fireworks! go up north next time!

Brian and Brianna said...

You are quite festive with that cake! I'm going to have to try that next year!

Calli & Zac said...

That cake is majestic!!

Molly said...

The cake looks refreshing... something this summer needs more of!

Can't wait to find out the definite decision on whether it's a boy or a girl. Either one will be great.... but I might be a little biased when I say, boys are a blast!

Hurry and find out already