Thursday, May 13, 2010

future mom. check.

there really is a baby (fetus that is) in there. for 4 weeks i really thought that pregnancy stick was lying, and morning sickness was a 4 week flu, and i'm tired from my allergies. but when i saw that little lentil bean with the smallest dot in the world beating at 170 bpm, it finally was real. tears, lots of happy tears. dave calls me katie catastrophe because i think the worst possible. and having a baby in there, and my hormones jumping to the moon and back, it's been just a bit elevated. like almost fighting people in zumba cause they took my spot, or crying at radio commercials. i cried like that before, but now it's a daily basis. and why am i convinced it's a girl? cause i just am. that's why i bought some pink 9 mth shoes. they were on sale. is it way to soon to tell people? yep it sure is. like i can hold it in any longer.

would you have passed up these shoes?


☂niki said...

congrats girl! i'm so excited for you.

i knew it was a girl inside of me from the beginning as well! sometimes you just know.

those shoes are precious.

and they say girl's heartbeats are always faster...170 is pretty fast.

Alexa Mae said...

eee! i'm so happy for you. i agree, you just know...i think that's when mothers intuition begins. starting with the gender. so excited girl!

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

those shoes are pretty cute. i'd buy them in my size.

congrats mama - i'm sooo sooo excited for you and jenjen.

just now start planning on cranking another one out immediately following this one so our next babies are the same age. there i said it.

Calli & Zac said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooo amazing! Love the shoes too :) And if it makes you feel any better... I am not pregnant, or anywhere close to it, but I have already purchased clothing that sits in a box for my children because I loved it so much :)

Jensen Family said...

woo woo! im so beyond thrilled for you! yay!! and yep, higher heart beats usually means girl! CUTE shoes!

Brian and Brianna said...

I wouldn't have been able to pass up those shoes either they are way too cute! Harlo's heart beat was that fast too! Just sayin :) can't wait to see your precious little pumpkin!

lindsey said...

I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Keep positive/happy thoughts in the cute little over thinking brain of yours. Love the shoes, they are to die for!

angela hardison said...

soo excited for you! i'm pretty sure i'll be crying nonstop when i'm pregnant because i'm pretty dramatic/emotional too.

i love those shoes.

Rhonda said...

AUGH!!!! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations! I wouldn't have passed those shoes up either!
By the way, email me if you want an invite to my blog.

Leigh said...

Congrats, beautiful friend!