Friday, May 14, 2010

favorite things friday

New Moon and Eclipse Pictures

(who put this on there?!?!!)

this week is surrounded around me. what?! tomorrow is my birthday. turning the big 23. so today i'm sharing some fun places to go to get free stuff, or discounts on your bday.

krispy kreme- free half dozen donuts

benihana- during your birthday month you receive $30 off your meal. you just have to sign up here.

wendy's- free frosty on your b-day

dairy queen- free blizzard on your bday, just sign up here.

sephora- they have a little gift behind the counter (you have to be part of their beauty club which is free. go to the store to sign up)

o and if you pay the $10 fee for body shop a year (so gay), you get a free $10 gift on your birthday.

these were just some on my favs. if these don't tickle your fancy, you can go here to find one that is just your size!

happy weekend!


Alexa Mae said...

what the! you are a genius. i will consider this my early birthday present as well. Happy Birthday girl!!!

Brian and Brianna said...

A very happy birthday to you!! I think you should go crazy and hit up all of these places tomorrow!!

The Jenkins said...

happy happy birthday to you. yay! oh and yay for the baby! so exciting!! and no i would have not passed up on those shoes, so stinking cute. i had a feeling i would have a girl and i was right. each time. :) soooo hopefully you are cause they are so fun to dress up.

Jensen Family said...

happy happy bday!!! and i think you should do all of the above on your bday.. and don't leave one out!

Morgan Lauren & Emery said...

happy birthday katie!! and CONGRATS on the lentil you're growing in your tummy!! i can't be more excited for you guys!! oh, and i knew emery was emery long before i KNEW she was emery too :) i can't wait to see that darling baby of yours!

Calli & Zac said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry it's late! And thanks for all the sweet free stuff!!