Friday, May 7, 2010

favorite things friday

my favorite thing this week was found by chance. when dave was in a band, (was he really in a band?) band practice was at his house. not his garage, his front, where you have home teachers over room. when they would have shows, they would take their gear, and then bring it back on the the WHITE carpet. (we weren't married by then, i had no say) so who knows what was on the carpet. so when they got the boot, our carpet had like 3-5 foot streaks of black covering the entire carpet. if you ever were at my old house, you would remember. every cleaning product i used didn't even budge the stains. i found this stuff from under the sink, no idea where it came from. i sprayed that sucker on the carpet, and the heavens opened. it took 5 bottles worth to clean my whole carpet, but it was worth it. stains? grease, pee, poop, blood. this is the stuff. "blue magic" carpet and stain lifter. i've only found it at auto zone. $5.99. oh, and it's for cars too.

blue magic

do you know what's not my favorite thing this week? leaving laundry in the wash for 24 hours, so it smells nice and moldy. i gagged.


Rhonda said...

I'm gonna have to give that stuff a whirl!

Calli & Zac said...

yessssss for Fridays... I just have one question... does this stuff happen to be eco-friendly?? :)

Alexa Mae said...

I'm getting that!! for reals. thanks girl. xooooooxooooo

Jensen Family said...

nice!! i got dogs and kids.. i need this!

see you wed!!!!

Brian and Brianna said...

I totally need to try this!! And I so did the same thing with my laundry... except I think I left it in there for a good 3 days! Oops! You can only imagine the smell haha