Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bday and trips

papa jim (father in law) made me my favorite cake. strawberry shortcake
birthday cake
joe's farmgrill for my FREE lunch
birthday lunch2
i get weird cravings. (pb. & choc. strawberry banana sandwich)
birthday lunch
keepin it classy for dinner at peter piper
birthday dinner
birthday dinner
there were loads more peeps there, but didn't make the pics.. acey parker shannil presley stella brynlee amy cole jake ellie lyla chad and paris

san diego was a lovely trip
san diego
bein happy
san diego
bein cute
san diego
these seals do it right. full. time. snuggle.
san diego
on the way home, there was lots of this.
san diego


Calli & Zac said...

Hope you had a good one!! You guys are so cute. Seriously. Aaaand just as a side note.... hahah when I read what you had on your sandwich.... I mini gagged!! hahahah :) It is hard for me to venture outside of PB & J

angela hardison said...

happy belated birthday. we always make it a point to get to joe's farm grill for our free birthday lunch... yum.

Willi Nixon said...

that strawberry shortcake looks bomb! way to go jim. your birthday looks like it was fun wish we could have been there!

500 days of Julie said...

im so jealous you went to san diego! and that sandwich actually sounds delicious. love the pics especially the candid one of you looking down. so presh. love you mucho and i cant wait to do a trade tomorrow!