Sunday, April 22, 2012

Before and After Pics

It just took one. Last September I uploaded all the pictures from our Grand Canyon trip, and started clicking through.

When scrolling down, this particular picture stopped me dead in my tracks. I stared at my computer, and thought who is that?! I didn't even recognize myself. Seven months and 35 pounds later, I feel like me again.  

P.S Next time, could someone please shoot me an email, or even a text saying, "Hey katie 35 pounds doesn't look good on anyone." I'd be much obliged. 



The Brown's said...

You look so good!!! Way to go girl!!!

Akina's said...

hot momma! way to go! that's what having kids does to ya!

Kristine Thompson said...

Your house looks so cute! You look fabulous girlfriend!

Robin said...

You are a hottie! And your house is so cute too:)