Wednesday, January 26, 2011

don't cry over spilled milk

At 4:30 am this morning I cried over spilled milk. Boob milk is like liquid gold to me. I have to supplement, so when I get the chance to give my small small gold, I run with it. I pumped at 4:30 am because engorgment was an understatement. Just as I was grinning with accomplishment that I got out a sufficient amount of milk, I thought I would drop it, and let it spill all over my couch. I cried. I cried because I spilled my milk, and cried harder because it wasn't the first time I'd done that. Or second. I'd wasted liquid gold that comes by the precious ounce. I have a slighting suspicion that hormones might have something to do with it as well. (with those ever level out?) Too much information? Probably. But I lost all sense of privacy when this child came into the world. Good night.

P.s. how is Charlee already five weeks old? Sniff sniff


Leigh said...

Oh, Mama. I'm sorry. I remember those days. Thought I would never see the light at the (yada, yada). I STILL like to blame everything on the hormones ;) It was so nice seeing you and the new babe the other night.


Jensen Family said...

:( this takes me back! although my story is a bit different.. i can provide milk for the neighborhood but my last two babies cant have it :( so sad! cheep up! baby loves you no matter what! and ya.. my hormones are still wack. lol i don't think mine will ever go back